Winning headpieces for the spring carnival – Flower Crown

The first creation for my Velvet and Tonic millinery collection was actually produced last year. A exclusive headpiece for the spring carnival. It was the piece I wore to Blue Diamond Stakes Day at Caulfield Racecourse. That was the first time that they introduced the digital fashions on the field competition to the races and guess what? – I won! The new digital fashions on the field format has produce mixed reactions from contestants. After winning one, I can’t say it’s such a bad thing. You just have to think harder about how you’re going to make your ensemble stand out.

The inspiration for my beautiful floral crown came from the billowy Hope and Ivy dress which I fell in love with after seeing it on one of my favourite fashion bloggers, Atlantic Pacific. The pale blue dress had pink metallic floral embroidery through it, so I decided that I was going to go with the floral theme for the headpiece. Pale pink accessories completed the look.


award winning millinery - caulfield

A headpiece for the Spring Carnival

Crowns were so in fashion that year. They’ve proven to be very popular and and have stuck around. While there are a lot of crowns which make you feel very regal, this flower crown of mine made me feel like a woodland fairy. It’s very bohemian and very feminine. The metallic fabric flowers gave it a luxurious look.

The flowers were very fiddly and time consuming to make but the results are worth the work. The gorgeous metallic fabric was stiffened, then wire was strategically placed in between the layers and glued into place. The individual layers of the flowers were then shaped and left to dry before being assembled into the finished product. Glass beads are placed into the centre of each flower.

The flowers were then positioned onto the ribbon covered double wire frame. The flower crown was finished with some patent leather leaves which were cut to look as if they were being blown away. I have no idea as to how long does it take me to produce such a headpiece. When I’m creating, I’m so engrossed in what I’m doing that it doesn’t worry me how much time has flown past. Guess that’s an example of loving what you do.

So far, there have only been two of the flower crown (Rose) made. One has been sold and another is available on the store. There’s also a silver variation of the flower crown. It’s a great, easy to wear headpiece for the upcoming Spring Racing Carnival.



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