Couture Millinery

velvet&tonic is the destination for gorgeous hand-crafted Melbourne millinery pieces which transforms your outfit into something special. Each piece is thought through with a high-end look in mind.

Only the best materials are sourced to use in the crafting of the design, then the creation is lovingly hand-made to ensure quality. Our designs take a good amount of time to make.


I don’t think it makes sense to play safe in these times. The world needs fantasy, not reality. We have enough reality today – Alexander McQueen

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Exclusive Millinery


velvet&tonic is luxurious Melbourne millinery which is wonderful to look at and to wear. Whether you are after a statement piece to turn heads or just a beautiful piece to compliment your outfit, velvet&tonic has a style to suit you.

We have pieces which are larger than life through to smaller pieces which are easy to wear, even for other occasions rather than just a race day.

The velvet&tonic woman is a stylish person who likes a unique piece to sit on her head. She’s not afraid to show her flair with fashion and will graciously welcome gazes and compliments.

Whether she’s attending Royal Ascot, the Dubai Cup or the Melbourne Cup Carnival, she’ll feel absolutely confident that she’s wearing the best headwear. She loves high fashion and only the best will do. Quality and design is an important factor in her decision to choose the right piece, not what is in fashion at that moment.


Fashion is instant language – Miuccia Prada

Melbourne Millinery
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Designer Millinery


To keep velvet&tonic designs exclusive, only a handful of each design will be made. Once a certain number has sold, there will be no more repeated. Bespoke millinery orders are welcome in colours to suit your desired outfit for that perfect finish. There are designs ready for you to purchase on our online store. All velvet&tonic pieces are hand-made here in Melbourne.


Character. Intelligence. Strength. Style.
That makes beauty – Diane Von Fürstenberg