Moonbeam – Silver Woven Facemask


White / Silver Woven Facemask – luxury facemask – 3 layers (cotton lining)

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Moonbeam – White / Silver Woven – Designer Facemask 

White with Silver and Black accents –  woven fabric – designer Facemask  – with lining (total 3 layers of fabric)
(This fashionable mask is ideal as a mask covering. Of course, it’s possible to wear it as a stand-alone mask)
Comfy elastic.
Size M

Stylish Melbourne Facemask

Masks are now part of our daily Melbourne life. In the next weeks and months, you will see people wearing masks everywhere. How about adding some personality and character to your facemask. We offer a different and unique mask experience with luxurious fabrics usually used for our exclusive Millinery.

As much as we all stay at home, working from home, homeschooling and changing our lifestyles we still have to go out for some essentials. Now we can do our supermarket shopping in style. Have the most stylish Melbourne facemask in your office or zoom meeting.

We used a standard size M which fits most. Please note that there may be some size differences due to fabric stretches and sits slightly differently. All the masks are handmade in Melbourne and the style might slightly be different from the photos. Especially patterns might look a bit different depending on the fabric.

Is this a medical mask?
This is a non-medical mask. It is used as a stylish facemask cover or stand-alone fashion mask.  The mask is handmade in Melbourne as a fashion statement. They are not meant to be your daily mask and are for special occasions.

Are these facemasks washable?
These luxury masks use delicate fabrics which are usually not machine washable. Of course you can handwash the masks.

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silver, White




Woven fabric – with cotton lining


Yes – Handmade in Melbourne


comfy elastics for behind the ears


luxury facemask – fashion statement


3 layers of fabric