The Basic Black – Facemask pack of 2


Pack of two basic black facemasks – stylish Melbourne black

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2- Pack – Black Melbourne Facemask

Pack of 2 reusable facemasks (Melbourne black)
100% Cotton fabric – 3 layers
Reusable and environmentally friendly. Washable.
Free shipping
Comfy elastic.
Size M

These are non medical masks. Perfect for walking around, the supermarket and shopping. The mask is handmade in Melbourne and adheres to the guidelines of the DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services in Victoria).Stay safe and stay at home. Wear a facemask when you need to leave the house. Stay 1.5m apart!

Why do we sell the facemasks only as a pack of 2?
Most customers wanted 2 masks to be more flexible – have one in the wash and wear the other facemask.
Or leave one mask in the car to never forget the facemask when you need to be out and about.
A spare facemask is always handy to have for your family and friends.

Are these facemasks washable?
Yes, our facemasks are washable. They are machine-washable up to 60C. Be aware that the elastic might rip depending on your load so we recommend handwashing to make the facemask last longer.

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100% cotton


Yes – Handmade in Melbourne


2 comfy elastics for behind the ears


basic non medical facemask


3 layers of fabric