Face Mask Covers For Every Occasion

Face masks have become a part of everyday life for most of the world during this pandemic. Like them or hate them, they’re here to stay. During our periods of zero cases in Melbourne and Sydney, we may have been hopeful that we saw the end of masks. Unfortunately, the virus proves to be a pest and resurfaces again and again across Australia. Melbourne is up to lockdown no.5 and we have a feeling that this is not the end of it! And it does not look much better in Sydney. The other states in Australia are experiencing lockdowns as well.

Wear Masks Correctly

The health experts advise us to wear a mask when we can’t socially distance ourselves from others. The purpose of wearing a mask is ‘to stop yourself from spreading the virus to other people’. Masks, if worn properly, can help to stop the spread of the virus. When wearing a mask, it must cover your mouth and your nose for it to be effective. Wearing masks under your nose, or pulled down to your chin will not offer any form of protection!

Single-use or Re-usable Masks?

When it comes to choosing a mask, we have some options. While there is the option of single-use surgical masks, there are also reusable fabric face coverings. Both types of masks must be worn and looked after correctly. The single-use masks should only be used once for them to be effective. They are readily available in boxes from your local supermarkets. There are many different suppliers of fabric face mask covers. They are available online or in retail stores. The cloth masks must be washed with laundry detergent.

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Face Mask Coverings For The Fashion-Focused

For those who are a bit more fashion-focused, velvet&tonic has something for all moods and occasions. There are face mask covers for everyday use to the more luxurious special occasion styles. All face mask covers are created using premium luxe fabrics which are handmade here in Melbourne Australia. You can choose to wear them alone or over your single-use masks.

Everyday Face Mask Covers

Linen and linen-cotton blends have been chosen for their breathable properties. Natural fibres are better for sensitive skin. Each face covering has three layers of fabric, with a cotton middle layer or lining. These face mask coverings are all hand-washable or can be machine washed on a

gentle cycle.

There are a few beautiful prints to choose from. Take your pick from gorgeous botanicals and plain colours. Have a few different ones on hand to suit your mood or daily outfit.

New Facemasks 2021

New stylish facemark design 2021

Face Mask Coverings For Special Occasions

Sequin and lace face mask coverings are a great choice to compliment your outfit for that special event or a night out. Wear the black sequin styles out on your romantic dinner date or a night out with friends. The sequin or lace face mask coverings are a fashionable choice to wear to a theatre show or to a cocktail event. If you are heading out to the races, these face mask coverings will look great with your racing fashion.

Stylish Face Mask Covers For Weddings

The luxe range of face mask coverings is a popular choice for weddings. Brides and their bridesmaids can look beautiful on the big day wearing one of our luxe face mask coverings. There are some fabulous styles to pick from. Stylish face mask coverings are great for wedding guests as well. Grooms and their groomsmen may opt for our high-quality plain coloured cotton styles.

Support Local – Masks For Protection

While masks offer some protection and slow down the spread of the virus, we must listen to the advice given by health experts. The best way to stop the spread of infection is to wear your mask correctly, practise social distancing, stay home if you are feeling unwell and get tested if you feel sick. Follow medical advice if you test positive for the virus.

We may be fighting this virus for years to come so masks will remain a part of our wardrobe for a while. Our masks are handmade in Melbourne. Why not have a collection of beautiful, fashionable ones on hand. There are so many available online to choose from. Choose from the velvet&tonic range and support Australian made.

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