Stylish designer facemasks in Melbourne

Wear a facemask today – Melbourne life

Melbourne is again in lockdown – 6 more weeks – maybe even longer when case numbers don’t go down. We are all wearing facemasks to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Facemasks become slowly the new normal. At the current times, it’s important that everyone gets a mask. It’s good to see that the stock levels at all major retailers and supermarkets are pretty high. Even companies in Victoria are now mass producing facemasks. There is no shortage of facemasks you get them pretty cheap from Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, Bunning or other retailers. A lot of them a basic 3 ply fabric disposable masks and they all do the trick. They will help prevent spreading the virus. We supposed to wear the masks when we leave our home, in supermarkets and shops. You find the latest advice about facemask coverings on the Victorian Health and Human Services (more info here).

Why we produce designer facemasks?

Velvet&tonic is producing designer facemasks in Melbourne, Australia. Why are we producing unique designer facemasks? Facemasks will become the new normal. They will become part of our loves for the next time. The first run on masks in Melbourne was crazy. Mass-produced masks with all types of printed fabrics – you see 2 layers, 3 layers, with or without filter – lots of options for everyone. Imported facemasks produced in sweatshops overseas and of course lots of cheap disposable masks. And the good thing is they all do their job – they help us prevent the spread of the virus in Australia. A mask is a necessity right now and we do not want to change this. You just need a basic mask to protect others and yourself. 

But let’s think a bit into the future. In a lockdown it’s easy to forget what life used to look like. A nice dinner at a restaurant, a date night at the fancy bar, cool events and party! We all miss this right now! But this will change! We will go out again. We will dine at restaurants and have a cocktail at a bar. There will be a birthday party or wedding to attend. With just one difference – we might need to wear a facemask.

After seeing all the facemasks on the market we decided to create some luxury for you. We see lots of funky prints, lots of branding, slogans and other gimmicks on facemasks – but we haven’t seen stylish designer facemasks. These new designer facemasks will complement your fashion sense – it’s unique and not for everyone.   And that’s where this special occasion mask comes in. Luxury fabrics and stylish patterns. But still protective. A unique facemask for youIt’s part of your outfit – part of your personality.

Wearing a facemask – the new normal – use a unique designer mask!

Wearing a facemask in Melbourne and many other parts of the world might be the new normal for a long time. Most likely until a vaccine is developed. Facemasks are not supposed to be stylish and unique. A facemask is originally designed to protect the community by adding an additional physical layer to coronavirus. It’s clearly not a 100% protection and you should also wash hands regularly and stay 1.5m apart form other people. Together with the facemask, this will help prevent spreading the virus. A designer facemask from velevat&tonic is not meant to be a medical facemask – it’s a fashion statement – some of the most stylish masks available. It offers basic protection as our masks have a double cotton lining and some also feature a slot for an optional PM2.5 filter.

Melbourne fashionable designer facemasks –

Our designer facemasks are made of luxurious materials – not you standard fabrics. All crafted by hand here in Melbourne. Show some personality by wearing out your new designer facemask.
You can find the stylish facemasks for sale now in the velevet&tonic shop with more designs added shortly. Masks aren’t going away any time soon, so get one you feel good about wearing.


black and white designer facemask from Melborune Melbourne facemask with sequin in black - unique facemasks Luxury silver mesh Melbourne facemask Handmade designer facemask - Melborune facemask - black and white