Luxury Facemasks

Whether we like it or not, face masks/coverings are going to be a part of our lives for a very long time. This virus is going to stick around for a while before we can fully be rid of it. Wearing face masks in Melbourne has just become mandatory for everywhere except in our own homes! It’s still something new to us all and we’re already getting used to them. It’s already a normal part of everyday life for other parts of the world. Fashionistas are choosing more stylish, couture masks to co-ordinate with their outfits when they venture out. Get a designer facemask. Yes, going out is already allowed in other parts of the world and it’s making me jealous! Our day will come soon if everyone does the right thing with social distancing and wearing a mask!

Black lace facemask - stylish facemasks

Stay stylish during a pandemic

There are so many mask options out there and everyone with a sewing machine is making them. Being someone who thrives on making things and being creative, I had to find a way to keep busy during the lockdown. After making many masks to supply to family and friends, I too decided that I will design masks to sell to the public. Making the stock-standard masks from quilting fabrics was not going to satisfy my craving for creativity. That’s when I decided that I was going to make beautiful, luxe couture masks which would bring me joy to create and brighten up the days of the person who wears them!

Designer Facemask - Magnolia Design - Flower - Linen fabric blend

Fun designs – a bit of luxury

I’m really appreciating social media at the moment. Although it makes me long to be in places far away, it’s a constant source of inspiration for my designs. Seeing people holidaying in beautiful locations gives me hope that we too will be there one day. Seeing fashionistas all frocked up inspires me to glam up sometimes, even if it’s for around the home or to go on an online call with friends. Putting on something beautiful, even with nowhere to go is a great mood-lifter! Make sure you get a photo of it to share with friends so they too can be inspired!

creative facemasks - luxury facemasks

Luxe Designer Facemasks

The luxe face masks are now online and I will be adding new styles. They’re all hand-made in Melbourne, using high-quality materials which look amazing and will add some glamour to your outfit. Choosing to wear a luxe face mask makes life a bit more glamorous and interesting – which is something we need in a time like this! Let your personality shine with one of the beautiful sparkling sequin designs or choose a lovely floral for an everyday pick-me-up. Have a few of them on hand to suit your changing outfits and moods. Life is already dull enough at the moment to live in dull face masks!

Silk Black and White Facemask - 3D flower fabric silk - Luxury Facemasks

Order some today as there are very limited quantities. When a particular style is gone, there will be no more. Give one as a gift to brighten someone’s day!