New Millinery – Lady Luxe

You would think that getting a spring millinery collection together in June (in Australia) is really being organised and ahead of time! For my label velvet&tonic, it’s a necessity. With a month-long holiday overseas starting next week, time to design and make millinery pieces is cut short. Some fashionistas are already starting to plan their outfits for the upcoming Spring Racing Carnival and so it’s good to have some pieces to help inspire them. These designs were created to appeal to both the Australian as well as the international market.

Melbourne Millinery - Unique Spring Carnival pieces - Luxury and Exclusive

New millinery collection

With each new collection, velvet&tonic aims to come up with some head-turning pieces as well as those subtle yet classy pieces which just compliments a racing outfit beautifully. I’d like to think that each piece will spark interest and start conversations. Each piece is designed with attention to how the headpiece will look from every angle. Every piece of millinery should look luxurious and as if it belongs in a magazine editorial. Being a photographer, I have the luxury of photographing each design and making them look Vogue cover-worthy.

Classic and glamorous headpieces

Drawing inspiration from classic vintage glamour, I created this new collection ahead of my long-overdue holiday. I’ve always been a lover of vintage style and with fashion swaying towards the sixties this year. I was totally inspired to create some looks which are reminiscent of that era as well. velvet&tonic’s campaign piece (Margot) is a show-stopper. Comprising of a sinamay crown and luxurious cream Jinsin which has been carefully pleated and attached to form an oversized bonnet.

This hat is modern vintage glam at its best. It is photogenically dramatic from every angle. Margot is worthy of being on the cover of a Vogue magazine. All that this hat requires is a classic silhouette fitted dress and minimalistic accessories. The wearer will not be able to walk far without being stopped by admirers.

Along with oversized sleeves, ruffles and pleats are huge for this season. I’ve always been a fan of ruffles. They bring romance and movement to an outfit. There’s a dreaminess that comes with ruffles on garments and Celeste is a headpiece which oozes that dreaminess as well. Celeste comprises of multiple pieces of crinoline. They have been pleated on the diagonal and strategically placed on a sinamay crown. It’s a whimsical, sculptural delight designed to wear over one eye without obstructing sight.

Elegant Millinery – Handmade in Melbourne

Each piece of this new collection was designed with ‘refined elegance fused with fun’ in mind. The luxuriously rich braided velvet headbands have a regal look to them. Puffy headbands are super popular this season and I wanted to create some which were a little different to the norm. My chosen model is the vision of a princess wearing this design. All those who wear it will look and feel regal as well. These headbands are so comfortable and fuss-free to wear. You’re going to see them everywhere on the racecourse. They’re also fabulous for other events as well.

Millinery campaign photoshoot

Maggie, my model, was chosen for her elegant, fine features. She had also previously modelled for me and was a delight to work with. She wears these designs to perfection and made photographing this campaign a breeze. The styling was all my own work, choosing a couple of stunning Zimmermann dresses and a classic black dress, from my own wardrobe, which was just perfect for my designs.

The location is a hidden treasure. Having used this place previously, I selected it for its privacy and the amazing concrete textured walls which were a wonderful backdrop to my millinery, giving me a better than expected finish to my photos which I was after. Like with all spring and summer campaigns, (unless you’ve got a budget to take you to warmer climates) it must be shot earlier in the year or in winter. We were very lucky to have chosen the last of the mild winter days for this campaign shoot. The sun was shining and the rain held off until we had finished.

So now I’m going off on my holiday and will be able to relax and enjoy it. Without the spring collection to worry about. Hopefully, I’ll get some inspiration from wandering around beautiful Europe and parts of Asia. I’m sure the heat and sunshine over there will kick-start some more of my creative cells. So that I can add more designs to this collection. Even better, I might come back with ideas for my next collection!

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